Redesigning your office under 750 Dollars Series

Things needed –

1. Foldable Metal Tables (950 x 2 = 1900)
2. Foldable Chairs (425 x 3 = 1275)
3. Enamel paint (Matte finish) – Blue, green and white - 1320
(incl. brushes, sanding paper, etc)
4. Couple of Black permanent markers – 150
5. Small Roller brushes – 200

So, the idea was of course to choose something economical (I had to pull off the whole Office décor Project in 50000 INR (750 Dollars) and it had to be temporary piece of furniture and not a fixed one!

The best option here was Foldable chairs and tables, so whenever we need some extra space, we could just fold and keep them aside. The ones available in the market are so boring, dark greyed or black!

So we got 2 foldable tables and 3 foldable chairs (all metal) from the market. (It can easily accommodate 3 designers and their desktops)
Next step was to UPCYCLE!

Best office color scheme often has blues and whites! Light pastel colors always keep up the mood and I chose bling green, so it lifts up the mood when one goes out of creative juice and can’t work anymore (It’s a creative place you see, you gotta keep moving)

We first sanded the surface of the tables and chairs, rubbed off all the dust with a piece of dry cloth and applied the first coat of paint. I gotta say roller brushes are the best for this. And you’ll need thin bristle brushes to reach edges and corners.

We waited for a few hours before we applied 2nd and after a few more hours the 3rd coat of paint. Just remember that painting white on black metal is too tiring, but the outcome is surely worthy. You’ll have to keep applying number of coats until satisfied (we did 5-6) after pervious one dries up well.

We let everything dry overnight. The last and most important step was to doodle the surface of the table with black permanent markers! SO EXCITING! (Tip – Never start drawing when the paint isn’t fully dry)

Always try to have a reference sketch on a piece of paper. You can go freehand if you’re really confident. I took my time, played some nice music and kept on going for a few hours. (Going too fast may mess it up, and this is the only chance cos it’s white!)

You can also think of a theme for your doodle. One table has Junk Food theme and the other has traveling and “things to do” kind of a thing going on.

It took almost a day and a half to arrive at the finish line. It was all worth it! The output was so pleasing and really turned out to be gorgeous. Having a table that talks to you while you’re working is so fab.

You can get started with your Office or Home Décor too! Just keep reading our Blogs.

Next DIY project will be out soon!