Cool Kitchen poster – (2 Dollars) INR 120

Redesigning your office under 750 Dollars Series

Things needed –

1. White Chalk board chart – Rs 100
2. Black Permanent Marker x 2 – Rs 20

A pastel blue wall in the kitchen was empty. It got me thinking about what are the cool décor ideas that bring in a breezy mood. I LOVE CAFÉ MENUS! They have their own attitude and style! The beautiful cursive writing talks a lot more than words. It adds such a character to the space.

At first the idea was to get a black chalkboard chart and do the cursive writing in white acrylic paint. But to my surprise, I found out at the stationery store that there are white chalkboard charts too. I opted out of black and got the white chart. The surface was too glossy and it appeared unsuitable for acrylic paint. So, I decided to go with the Black permanent markers.

I carefully drew the outlines of the text. If you feel doubtful about your freehand cursive writing skills, you can always type the text on photoshop (you can download various font styles from the internet) and get the text printed as a Vinyl sticker and glue that onto the chart. It’s a great alternative for hand-written script.

Once the outlines are done, fill the hollow regions. Bold font makes it stand out! After this is done, hang it in your kitchen 😀 You can keep adding these kind of posters to make your kitchen a cool hang out spot!

Next DIY project will be out soon!